For Students

The Expo event for 2022 is planned to be held on site.  Details will be posted as they develop.  Contact Us if you have questions.

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Expo Schedule for students:   It is expected that the 2022 Expo will take place on a single day, and details will be posted as they develop.  

Deadlines   For access to pages of Dates, Deadlines, Rules and Forms, click HERE.  

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Even though the Expo Science Fair is finished for 2021, there are still opportunities to submit your work for recognition and publication. The following provides some links and descriptions that you may wish to investigate.  If you worked as part of a team, then all members should be involved.   

Here are some brief descriptions and links that you can explore.

1. Journal of Emerging Investigators 

JEI is a science journal and mentorship program publishing research by middle and high school scientists.  It can be reached by the following link:   

2. International Journal of High School Research

The home page for IJHSR can be reached by this link: ( Once on the Home Page, you can learn more if you scroll down to ABOUT US; Overview, and click on Read More.

For details on how to submit, go to menu at upper right and click on SUBMISSION.  Go to How to Submit,  and click on Read More.

3. Journal of Young Explorers  (JYEM)

JYEM is managed and supported by Young Explorers Global Institution (YEGI).  To get to a page that describes JYEM, you can use the following link:    For additional information, scroll to the bottom of the page.  Suggested links include the following:   About JYEM;  Schedules and Guidelines;  JYEM Application Form.  If you decide to proceed, then go to the top of the JEM page and click on SUBMISSION PORTAL. Early submissions close Apr 30, and late submissions close May 7.


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Below are links to additional information to help assist you prepare for, register for, and participate in the NHSEE Expo:


Get information on planning a project schedule, creating a research plan and keeping an experimental notebook.


Learn about the various competitions that you can enter.


Complete all of the required steps to register for the Expo.  The following information provides details concerning when to register.

When should you register? Note: Registration is a multi-step process.  It includes the on-line registration, and submitting all the required paperwork to be able to participate in the Expo. On-line registration is usually done after completion of the research plan because a brief description of the planned experiment is included in the registration form.  The actual timing can vary, and the following should explain how different parts of the process tie together. If the project needs pre-approval, some paperwork (including a copy of the on-line registration) will need to be sent in by the pre-approval deadline.  If pre-approval is required, experimentation cannot start until after approval has been received. For pages of Dates and Deadlines, click HERE. Experimentation must be completed before the final paperwork is sent in.  Final paperwork submission includes Abstract, Talent Release Form, other required forms, and payment.  Checks must be mailed.  Send to:  NHSEE, PO Box 5202, Manchester, NH  03108-5202.  They can be made out to NH Science & Engineering Exposition. Again, all projects need to send in all final paperwork, forms, etc. by the specified deadlines.  If you want more details for scheduling the different parts of your project, read about planning your project schedule  

NOTE: Submitting Paperwork Submission of paperwork for pre-approval is done after on-line registration.  When you do the on-line registration, you will receive an email confirmation.  Print a copy of the confirmation and include it with the paperwork submission. Submission of paperwork for final approval is done after experimentation is completed.  Fill out the required forms and get any necessary signatures.  Include the Talent Release form and a check for payment. Paperwork may be submitted as paper forms, or as electronic files attached to an email.  In either case, KEEP A COPY. For either paper or electronic submission, print out all the needed forms, complete them, and get all the required signatures.  If you are doing a paper submission, make a second copy of all the completed forms.  Send in one set of the forms, and keep one copy for your records.  To do an electronic submission, scan the completed forms into a pdf format and email the scanned forms to  Keep the paper forms for your records.  The check(s) for payment as well as paper forms must be sent in by standard mail to NHSEE, PO Box 5202, Manchester, NH  03108-5202.

Registration forms and fees

For the 2021 fair, the registration fee is $10 per person.  If a project involves two students, the fee is $20; if three students, the fee is $30.  Checks can be made out to NH Science & Engineering Exposition, and they should be mailed to the above PO Box address.

Special Awards

For more info, click HERE.



There may be visitors for the 2022 Expo, and specifics will be posted as available.  


1. If you want to bring visitors to the Expo, we must know in advance because we are very limited for time and space. To register visitors, please go to CONTACT US and select the category “Visitors.” Please include in the contact message how many visitors you would like to bring, and whether they are students or adults. You may quickly get to the CONTACT US page by clicking HERE.

2. Visitors can view the exhibits and talk to students while they are setting up (until judging starts at 10:00 AM), or again after judging is completed (approx 1:00 PM).

3. They could view the exhibits, but not talk to students, during the judging time between 10:00 and 1:00, but must be accompanied by an Expo official.

4. If they want a lunch, it costs $8.00.


Homeschooled students are just as eligible as other students.  At this time, there is no pre-qualification fair.  They can enter directly to this one.  The process of registration, application, and approval is the same as for students in regular schools.  If a form asks for a teacher contact, a homeschooled student would give the name of the parent/guardian who is doing the schooling. Please contact us for more information.