For Students

The Expo event for 2022 is planned to be held on site.  Details will be posted as they develop.  Contact Us if you have questions.

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Expo Schedule for students:   It is expected that the 2022 Expo will take place on a single day, and details will be posted as they develop.

Eligibility; Who can participate in NHSEE: To participate in NHSEE, students need to meet either of two conditions. 1. Be a resident of NH, even if they are going to a school that is not in NH. or 2. Be attending a public or private school in NH, even if they live outside of NH. 

To advance to the ISEF competition; In order to earn a spot as a finalist at ISEF, student projects need to have scores that place them in the top two (or three) at NHSEE. There is no minimum score needed. All the scores at the event are listed and ranked, and the top two (or three) qualify for ISEF.

Deadlines   For access to pages of Dates, Deadlines, Rules and Forms, click HERE.

Below are links to additional information to help assist you prepare for, register for, and participate in the NHSEE Expo:


Get information on planning a project schedule, creating a research plan and keeping an experimental notebook.


Learn about the various competitions that you can enter.


We are now taking registrations for 2022. Before you register, you need to decide what your investigation is going to be about, and complete a Research Plan. Once you have a Research Plan, you can then register. A  brief description of the planned investigation required in the registration form.  Registrations are done on-line through STEM Wizard by going to 

If the project involves human participants, vertebrate animals, and/or potentially hazardous biological agents, the next step is to send in paperwork for pre-approval. The pre-approval deadline is Friday, December 3, 2021. Check the ISEF Rules for details. For access to pages of Dates, Deadlines, Rules and Forms, click HERE. If the project needs pre-approval, the paperwork needs to be sent in by the required date. (See NOTE below about Submiting Paperwork.)

To determine a time estimate and schedule for your project, go to the top of this page and click on the link titled Resources, then click on the link for Planning your Project Schedule. This will provide a set of steps and a way to plan your timing.

When the investigation is finished, you need to submit paperwork, using STEM Wizard, for final approval by Fri, Feb 18, 2022.

The check(s) for payment must be sent in by standard mail to NHSEE, PO Box 5202, Manchester, NH 03108-5202. The cost is $20 per student. For example, if a project has three students, the cost to register that project will be $60.  (See NOTE below about Submiting Paperwork and payments.)

If you want more details on the Scientific Review Committee (SRC), and the review process for pre-approval and final approval, you can click here.

NOTE: Submitting Paperwork: Submission of paperwork for pre-approval is done after on-line registration.  All paperwork and forms will be submitted using the on-line STEM Wizard system.

Display Regulations

Maximum size of Project:   Depth (Front to back): 30 inches or 76 centimeters; Width (side to side): 48 inches or 122 centimeters; Height (from top of table to top of display): 72 inches or 173 centimeters (tables are 30 inches or 76 centimeters high)

The upper portion of the display should include the title of the project. The display should NOT include the name of the school.

The background and sides of the project display can be put on a poster board (bi-fold; tri-fold; etc).  Items on the display board could include graphs, charts, photographs, etc that provide info and help explain the project.

The following should also be at the project site so they can be checked by judges: Research Plan, Notebook, Abstract, Statement of Conclusion.


Special Awards

For more info, click HERE.



There may be visitors for the 2022 Expo, and specifics will be posted as available.


1. If you want to bring visitors to the Expo, we must know in advance because we are very limited for time and space. To register visitors, please go to CONTACT US and select the category “Visitors.” Please include in the contact message how many visitors you would like to bring, and whether they are students or adults. You may quickly get to the CONTACT US page by clicking HERE.

2. Visitors can view the exhibits and talk to students while they are setting up (until judging starts at 10:00 AM), or again after judging is completed (approx 1:00 PM).

3. They could view the exhibits, but not talk to students, during the judging time between 10:00 and 1:00, but must be accompanied by an Expo official.

4. If they want a lunch,they are welcome to purchase one at the cafeteria. Lunch tickets are available at registration.


Homeschooled students are just as eligible as other students.  At this time, there is no pre-qualification fair.  They can enter directly to this one.  The process of registration, application, and approval is the same as for students in regular schools.  If a form asks for a teacher contact, a homeschooled student would give the name of the parent/guardian who is doing the schooling. Please contact us for more information.