17 May 2019

Congratulations Adyant!
Adyant Shankar of Nashua High School South won the Intel ISEF Best of Category Award for his project, Photocatalytic Oxidation Utilizing Doped Titanium Dioxide for Air Purification. There were some amazing projects at this year’s ISEF and you can read the press release here or here. We at the NHSEEA send a hearty congratulations to all of the winners as well as the 1800 students from around the world who made the trip to Phoenix.

11 May 2019

The 2019 ISEF competition starts this week in Phoenix AZ, from May 12 to May 17. The two top winners of the 2019 NHSEE fair are there to show off their projects, hang with fellow scientists and to represent the state of NH.


Adyant took 1st place at NHSEE for “Photo-Catalytic Oxidation Utilizing Doped Titanium Dioxide For Air Purification”. Ayush‘s “Investigation of Enriched Pathways Across Neurodegenerative Disease” project won him 2nd place overall at NHSEE. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a great showing at ISEF!

Congratulations to our overall winners Ayush Noori and Adyant Shankar for making it to Phoenix, and let’s cheer them on to a wonderful finish!