Open Competitions

Category Winners School Name Topic
Behavioral Science Ashley Bishop Bedford High School The Influence of Gender on Risks Taken
Behavioral Science Candice Ellis & Surbhi Joshi SThomas Aquinas High School The Effect of Stress on Memory and Memorization
Behavioral Science Sonja Maliski Spaulding High School How White Noise Affects the Time it Takes to Fall Asleep
Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Lealia Xiong Philips Exeter Academy Correlation Between JNK Signaling and Tumorigenesis in Drosophila melanogaster
Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Stephen Chau Salem High School Something’s Fish: An Investigation into Biotechnology
Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Miranda Francoeur, Krista Boutin, Gino Caligieure, Kelsey Burrill Somersworth High School Wax Project
Botany Amelia Raymond & Sean Byrne Goffstown High School Plant and Fungal Mycorrhizae Symbiosis
Botany Paige Frost & Rose Hadley Goffstown High School Homeostatic Mechanisms of Acer saccharum
Botany Haley Fortin & Amanda Makowiecki Goffstown High School The Effect of Sound Waves on Plant Growth
Chemistry Peter Alfano Salem High School The Effect of UV Light on Yeast and the Countereffects of Sunscreen
Chemistry Stephanie Lamy & Ashley Kendrigan Bedford High School ”Leaching of Calcium and Magnesium from Soils by Acid Rain”
Chemistry Lindsey Fotino Seacoast School of Technology Soft Soap or Pig Fat?
Environmental Science Michael Wilkins Spaulding High School Recycled Paper Pellets
Environmental Science Libby Pettit & Vanessa Spero Sanborn Regional High School Mold Terrium
Environmental Science Sara Zarnowski & Laura Zehr Goffstown High School The Effect of Different Substances on Worm Compost
Mammalian Biology/Zoology Monika Tutinas & Shanon Douglass SThomas Aquinas High School Reaction to color and pattern in horses
Mammalian Biology/Zoology Jessica Eisfeller Seacoast School of Technology Where are the Porpoises?
Mammalian Biology/Zoology Kimberly Brock Prospect Mountain High School Fish Fantasies
Microbiology Katherine Aldrich Manchester Central High School Directed Evolution
Microbiology Lauren Willette Milford High School Development and Production of Monoclonal Antibodies to Bovine Serum Albumin
Microbiology Johanna King Seacoast School of Technology Live and Active Cultures in Yogurt
Pharmacology/Toxicology Hilary Campbell Seacoast School of Technology The Effects of Mouthwash on Oral Bacteria
Pharmacology/Toxicology Liz Moors Spaulding High School Bioassay
Pharmacology/Toxicology Collin Gagnon & Tucker Irish Seacoast School of Technology Hand Sanitizer…or not
Physics/Astronomy Anastasia Bealo Timberlane Regional High School An Analysis of Singing Wineglass Resonance
Physics/Astronomy Ian Martin Spaulding High School Velocity & Impact Damage of two types of 9mm Ammunition
Physics/Astronomy Eric Flagg Seacoast School of Technology Static Electricity

Challenge Competitions

Category Winners School Name
Pasta Bridge Challenge Kristina Terrio & Anthony D’Onofrio Salem High School
Paper Tower Challenge Jonathan Gallant & James Wilder Salem High School
Yeast Growth Challenge Corey Campbell & Christopher Borcoche Salem High School