A mentor’s primary role is to ask questions, but in such a manner as to help the student find their own way. Their role is not to do the work for the student.  It is really important for students to have people to consult with beyond just parents and teachers. If you would like to be a mentor, go to Mentor Registration.

As people volunteer to be mentors, their information will be posted here.  To contact an individual, go to Contact Us, and click on Mentoring.  Enter the name of a person on the list, and/or specify your mentoring needs or questions.


The following people can be reached by going to Contact Us and select Mentoring.  Put their name in the message.

Ketan Kumar:  I graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering (Tufts University), so I have a solid base in physical as well as biological sciences. I’m currently working at an Automation Engineering firm where I’m involved in programming of control and monitoring systems for pharmaceutical companies and other manufacturing firms.  I’d be very happy to do regular meetings in person as well as be available on phone/email/text/skype. I do travel for work every so often but would remain available through whatever means of communication is suitable.

Theresa Paradis:   I am a retired Sr. Scientist, with 21 years of employment at Genetics Institute, Wyeth and Pfizer.  My background is in Molecular biology, genetic engineering, and manufacturing of drug substance in CHO cells.  I would be willing to travel 30-ish miles and can communicate by email and phone.

Saverna Ahmad: I am a Senior User Experience Engineer and am a mentor for Engineer students at UNH.  I can give my time to kids and teams who need me.  I can be a good resource for kids who have questions about working in a team, time management, meeting goals etc.