The 2018 ISEF competition was held in Pittsburgh PA, from May 13 to May 19. The three top winners of the 2018 NHSEE fair went to Pittsburgh to show off their projects, hang with fellow scientists and to represent the state of NH.


(click here for a larger image) “Once upon a time there were four high school students who went to the NHSEE fair. They won trophies and acclaim. But I took them away from all that and now they’re in Pittsburgh. My name is ISEF.”

(L to R): Avery Clowes, Amy Cotter, Meghana Avvaru, William Menken

(click here for a larger image) Meeting new friends!
(click here for a larger image) William Menken and Avery Clowes at their booth. Avery and William’s project is “Investigating the Effects of Propellant Mass Flow Rate and a Swirl Ring on the Efficiency of a Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster.”
(click here for a larger image) Meghana Avvaru at her booth. Meghana’s project is “An Economical Approach for Detecting Water Contamination at Homes, Preventing a Public Drinking Water Crisis.
(click here for a larger image) Amy Cotter‘s booth, showing off her project “The Effect of Black Carbon on Antibiotic Resistance.


Meghana Avvaru was among those selected for a 4-year scholarship from Arizona State University. ASU awards a number of comprehensive scholarships combining a monetary award and an environment focusing on knowledge, learning and research. The New American University Intel ISEF Scholarship is renewable for four years, individuals and teams will be considered for these awards. Congratulations Meghana!!

The top winners of the 2018 ISEF created a robotic window cleaner for commercial buildings, an inexpensive method of making high conductivity material, and a way of making highly improved ion membranes for batteries. Check out their work at the Society for Science ISEF press page. Congratulations to the student scientists and engineers who kicked up science at least a few notches!