When should you start your project? Start as soon as possible, but the following outline of steps will help you make a schedule. Steps 1-4 must be done before starting experimentation.

1. Review the needs of your project.

2. Create a Research Plan, which should include an estimate of how long is needed for actual experimentation

3. Once you have a plan, register on line and print out the confirmation

4. If you need pre-approval before experimentation can begin, plan another 16-18 days: 2-4 days for paperwork and 14 days for the pre-approval process. See NOTE below after #11.  Once pre-approval is granted, then experimentation can begin.

5. If pre-approval is not needed, then experimentation can begin after Step 3.

6. Be Flexible and aware of the need to revise your experimentation time estimate from Step 1.  An unexpected glitch in your experimentation might require you to add 1-2 weeks (or more) to your time estimate

7. After completion of experimentation, summarize what was done and learned by this investigation.  NOTE: Experimentation must be completed at least one day before the final submission deadline.

8. Write an abstract (This is a short form of your summary)

9. Finish paperwork and compile all forms to submit for final approval.  Include the Talent Release Form and include a check for payment.

10. Mail all paperwork (see NOTE: below}

11. Add up all days estimated, and count backwards from final approval deadline to determine when you should start the process for completing Steps 1-4 (pre-experiment preparation). Then add the dates from Steps 6-10 and count backwards from final submission deadline to determine the estimated date to start experimentation. The date for completion of experimentation CANNOT be later than one day before the final submission deadline.

NOTE: Submitting Paperwork

Submission of paperwork for pre-approval is done after on-line registration. When you do the on-line registration, you will receive an email confirmation. Print a copy of the confirmation and include it with the paperwork submission.

Submission of paperwork for final approval is done after experimentation is completed. Fill out the required forms and get any necessary signatures. Include the Talent Release form and a check for payment.  A format for doing an Abstract can be reached here

Paperwork may be submitted as paper forms, or as electronic files attached to an email. In either case, KEEP A COPY.

For either paper or electronic submission, print out all the needed forms, complete them, and get all the required signatures. If you are doing a paper submission, make a second copy of all the completed forms. Send in one set of the forms, and keep one copy for your records. To do an electronic submission, scan the completed forms into a pdf format and email the scanned forms to [email protected]. Keep the paper forms for your records. The check(s) for payment must be sent in by standard mail.

The application fee is $20 per person.  A team of three has a fee of $60.

Paperwork may be sent electronically to [email protected], or may be mailed to the following:

NHSEE, PO Box 5202, Manchester, NH 03108-5202.

Checks must still be mailed. Checks can be made out to NH Science and Engineering Exposition.