Open Competition by Category

Behavioral Science
1st Place: Sidney Lavoie; Nashua North HS
2nd Place: Kimberly Gerlarneau and Willow Moulton; Franklin HS

1st Place: Jillian Zelensky and Meagan Clickner; Goffstown HS
2nd Place: Cody Murphy and Yang Li; Goffstown HS

1st Place: Jacqueline Siciliano and Kristen Mungai; Nashua North HS
2nd Place: Maggie Kelly and Hannah Collimore; Goffstown HS

1st Place: Bryannah Voydatch and Caitlin Keith; Goffstown HS
2nd Place: Ashley Therrien; Goffstown HS

1st Place: Jaime Rhee; St. Paul’s School
2nd Place: (No award)

1st Place: Michael Hederman; Prospect Mountain HS
2nd Place: (No award)

Environmental Science
1st Place was a tie: Deepika Kurup from Nashua South HS
Evan Twarog from Keene HS
2nd Place: Nicholas Flanders; Goffstown HS

1st Place: Yuree Kim; Phillips Exeter Academy
2nd Place: (No award)

Physics and Electronics
1st Place: Haley Greenyer; ConVal HS
2nd Place: Justin Whitney and Nick Chase; Goffstown HS


Challenge Competition by event

Egg Drop
1st Place: Matthew Bowdoin; Farmington HS
2nd Place: Mitchell Campbell; Windham HS

Pasta Bridge
1st Place: Bridgett Bonar & Tamika Baldwin; Farmington HS
2nd Place: (No award)


Special Competitions

Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP)

Deepika Kurup, a sophomore from Nashua High School South, was one of two first place winners in Environmental Science at the 2014 Expo for her project on “How to Purify Water.”  She then went on to enter the SJWP Competition, winning first place in the NE Regional Competition, first place at the 2014 National Competition, and then took part in the international competition in Stockholm, Sweden.


Food Science Award

Maggie Kelly and Hannah Collimore of Goffstown HS placed second in the Biology category of the Open competition, and then, based on their work, were selected to receive the Food Science Award, given annually by the Northeast Section of the Institute of Food Technologists.