Expo 2015 was held on Thursday, March 19, 2015

Overall Winners for the Open categories in the 2015 NH Science & Engineering Exposition

1st Place:  Deepika Kurup, from Nashua High School South (See: News from 2015 ISEF)

2nd Place:  Hyun Jo Kim, from St. Paul’s School

3rd Place:  Callie Cinque, from Souhegan High School


Open Event Winners by Category

Behavioral Science

1st Place:  Callie Cinque, from Souhegan High School; Can I Trust You? Exploring how gender and familiarity affect trust between teenagers.

2nd Place:  Samantha Crepeau, Kathryn Caron, from Salem High School; Gender Stereotypes in Children


1st Place:  Marilu Francis Shepardson, from Farmington High School; Comparing DNA

2nd Place:  Michael Dubien, from Nashua High School North; Vita-Gestion


1st Place:  Emily Bono, from Goffstown High School; Why did the chicken cross the road?

2nd Place:  Sarah Nichols, from Seacoast School of Technology; An investigation into the types and quantities of hormones produced and CHO cells as an indicator for PNS pathology


1st Place:  Ashley Bentley, from Nashua High School North; How to get away with Murder

2nd Place:  Jose Luna, Solimar Hilerio and Natan Biley, from Nashua Christian Academy; Column Chromatography: Can you Separate the Dyes in Grape Soda Using Space Sand™?


1st Place:  Zyan Prestridge, from Seacoast School of Technology; Client Side vs. Server Side scripting


1st Place:  Hyun Jo Kim, from St. Paul’s School; Research on the Feasibility of Cardiac Output Estimation using Photoplethysmogram and Ballistocardiogram

2nd Place:  Olivia Hoover, Jared Brown and Warren Apple, from Nashua Christian Academy; Why do birds fly in a v-formation?

Environmental Science

1st Place:  Deepika Kurup, from Nashua High School South; Novel Photocatalytic Pervious Composites for Removing Multiple Classes of Toxins from Water

2nd Place:  ByungJun (Steven) Kim, from Phillips Exeter Academy; Mathematical Characterization of Acute Cardiac Response of Daphnia’s Heart Beat          


1st Place:  Stephen Price and Christine Jou, from Phillips Exeter Academy; Topological Data Analysis of the Mutual Funds Network and its Dynamics

2nd Place:  Patch Kaplan and Ryan Grevior, from Franklin High School; Population Problems

Physics & Electronics

1st Place:  Yang Li, from Goffstown High School; Magnetic Water Treatment a non-chemical alternative to water softening

2nd Place:   Hannah Keldsen, from Nashua Christian Academy; Skiing and Friction


Challenge Event Winners by Category


1st Place:  Mitchell Campbell; Windham High School

Pasta Bridge

1st place: Demetrius Banville; Farmington High School

2nd Place: Brian Zawacki & Katelyn Yazinka; Farmington High School