The purpose of the New Hampshire Science and Engineering Exposition Association (NHSEEA) is the advancement of science education in the State of New Hampshire. The Association intends to do this in two ways. First, through an initiative called the New Hampshire Science and Engineering Exposition, which includes the NH High School Science Fair. Secondly, the Association collaborates with businesses, with communities, and with the state’s colleges and universities.

The Exposition is intended to give Granite State students the opportunity to do science related activities, and to choose whether they do them as inquiring scientists, engineers, or technicians. Students then communicate their results through an appropriate combination of journals, posters, equipment, and interviews.

Additionally, in collaboration with other organizations, NHSEEA seeks to expand interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. As students interact with mentors and judges, they will get a closer look at these fields as possible careers.


The New Hampshire Science & Engineering Expo Association (NHSEEA), proud sponsor of the NH High School Science Fair, wants to engage both student s and teachers in hands-on science, engineering and math projects to encourage students to learn and develop the process skills necessary to design and perform experimental procedures. 

It has long been known that the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) are not truly attracting enough students to meet the needs of the future.  We want to help change that statistic by setting up partnerships within the business community to provide mentoring opportunities for our students while they are doing their engineering projects or independent research. 

What better way is there for students to showcase the STEM proficiencies they have used to create solutions to real-world problems than at a Science Fair?  NHSEEA wants to help all students become part of the science fair system as their entry onto the pathway to college and beyond.

Expo Policies

To see the policies that relate to different facets of the Expo, click HERE.

NHSEEA Executive Board

President – Deborah Schuh, Retired Engineering Director
Vice President – Dr. Liaquat Khan, NHTI-Concord’s Community College
Secretary – Norma Bursaw, Retired Educator
Treasurer – Dana Schuh, Retired Engineer
Director – Sarah Stone, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Director – Howard Eglowstein, BAE Systems / Adjunct Faculty, UNH
Director – Richard Feren, Retired Educator
Director – Emlee Kohler, Associate Professor of Psychology, Rivier U.
Director – Robert Rotier, Retired Educator

Liasons to the Board

Chair of Scientific Review Committee – Karen Britt, DNP, RN, MEDSURG‑BC, CNE
Liaison for Outreach – (open)
Liaison for Sponsors – (open)
Liaison to NHSPE – Robert Rotier