Dates and Deadlines

The Expo is scheduled for Thursday, March 19, 2020, with a snow date of Friday, March 20, 2020.

Pre-Approval deadline is Dec 6, 2019. All projects that involve human participants, vertebrate animals, and/or potentially hazardous biological agents require pre-approval before experimentation can begin.

Final Approval deadline is Feb 14, 2020. All paperwork and payments must be submitted by this date. Open projects must be completed before the paperwork is sent in, but Challenge projects may continue to be worked on after this date, up until the day before the Expo.

The Expo Day schedule can be accessed HERE.

Schedule for the Science Review Committee (SRC)

Major meetings of the SRC occur after the Pre-Approval deadline, and again after the Final Approval deadline.  The schedule is set up so the SRC can reply to the participants within two weeks of those two deadlines.  The SRC also meets as needed if project paperwork is sent in at other times.  In all cases, the intent is to respond within two weeks of when paperwork is sent in.

Forms and Rules

The complete Rules Manual for 2019, which includes the forms, can be accessed if you click HERE.

We encourage you to read the rules pertinent to your area of study and to use the Intel ISEF Rules Wizard to be sure you are on the right track. This “wizard” asks a series of questions about your planned project and will provide a list of forms that you need to complete.

The Rules Manual without forms can be accessed if you click HERE.

Interactive forms can be accessed HERE.

A table of required forms can be accessed HERE.