Advancing Science Research Teaching (ASRT) is an educational outreach program that aims to increase access, capacity and quality of programs, courses and clubs that provide science research opportunities for high school students.

The ASRT program is designed to equip high school teachers with the knowledge, insights and activities to increase science research opportunities for their students. The program can be customized to help teachers that provide science research opportunities within a traditional STEM classroom setting and/or helping those with small, growing dedicated research programs/clubs and/or even helping those with more established Science Research Programs/Clubs.

Whether a high school teacher runs an established Science Research Program/Club or incorporates science research project opportunities into their science curriculum, they are eligible to apply for one of the summer sessions.

The ASRT Program is being offered for free thanks to funding from Regeneron.

Applicants will be evaluated by a committee from Regeneron, on the basis of their interest in building and/or growing such a program, readiness and capacity in terms of finances and faculty, as well as their administration’s level of support for creating science research/STEM opportunities for high school students.

Teachers can apply online, individually or as a small group, using the link below. More information about the ASRT Program can be found in the FAQ section at the end of this email as well as at

Please remember that the online application deadline is Monday, March 1st at 11:59 pm (Pacific Time).

Teachers that have applied will receive an email regarding whether or not they were selected as a recipient of the ASRT workshop by early April.

Thank you in advance for applying or forwarding this to teachers you think may benefit from this opportunity. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Link to apply: