All students wishing to compete in the EXPO must register on-line, and then complete the process to be able to present.  There are three or four steps to the registration process, depending on whether the project needs pre-approval or not.  For access to pages of Dates, Deadlines, Rules and Forms, click HERE.

1. Complete the Research Plan and then register on-line.

2. If the project involves human participants, vertebrate animals, and/or potentially hazardous biological agents, the next step is to send in paperwork for pre-approval.  Check the ISEF Rules for details.  If the project needs pre-approval, the paperwork needs to be sent in by the required date. If pre-approval is not needed, skip step 2 and go to step 3.

You can also get more detail by clicking here.

3. All projects have to submit paperwork for final approval and payment.  The final date is on the page of deadlines.

4. Payment needs to be mailed in.  The cost is $20 per student.  For example, if a project has three students, the cost to register that project will be $60.

5. Bring all necessary papers and equipment to the Expo and sign in at the registration table.

To determine a time estimate and schedule for your project, go back to the link for Students and scroll down the page to the section titled “When should you start your project?” This will provide a set of steps and a way to plan your timing.

The registration process consists of two parts: an online registration part (part 1) and a forms’ part (part 2). These two parts of the process are explained below.

  1. Depending on whether you are competing in the open or the challenge competition, go to the appropriate page – open competition online registration or challenge competition online registration –  and complete the online form. If you are competing as a team, only one online submission is needed.  A team in the Open Competition is at most three people (leader plus two others) and a team for the Challenge Competition is at most three people (leader plus two others).
  2. After submitting the online form, you should receive an email confirmation of your registration. Print out a copy of this email. It will be needed in part two of your EXPO application. If you do not receive a confirmatory email, do NOT register again.  Contact us to report your problem to NHSEEA.
  3. Part two of the application process involves paper forms. These forms have various purposes but mostly involve compliance with the standards set for Intel-ISEF compliant science fairs. Both open and challenge competition entries have forms that need to be submitted to NHSEEA. A forms checklist is provided to guide competitors in filling out any necessary forms. If you need help with the process, you can Contact Us.
  4. Paper forms should be submitted with a copy of the confirmation email mentioned in #2 above. This will help NHSEEA identify competitors in the database. Please note that students may have to submit more than one set of forms over a period of time in order to compete in the EXPO. This is especially true for projects that require prior approval by our Scientific Review Committee (SRC). A schedule of SRC meetings can be found on the page of Dates, Deadlines, Rules, and Forms. Again, please submit a copy of the confirmation email with every submission of paper forms.
  5. Paperwork may be submitted as paper forms, or as electronic files attached to an email. For electronic submission, send to For paper forms, send them to the address below.
    PO Box 5202
    Manchester, NH 03108-5202

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