Starting in 2021, we and all other ISEF affiliated fairs, are required to post an ethics statement for all judges, and all judges are required to read and attest to it for them to be allowed to judge.  Wording follows: 

In my service as a judge: 

1. I will perform my duties in the best interest of fair and just competition.

2. I will acknowledge any conflict of interest, that I am aware of when I register, and report any conflicts that may develop after I register. 

3. I will refrain from any harassment of another individual.

4. I will decline any payment or other considerations of value.

To continue with the registration process, click the appropriate response.

I affirm that I have read and will abide by all parts of the Ethics Statement.        YES

If you have questions and are not ready to click yes, then click HERE to be able to contact the Judge committee.